Mike Liebner Music

Mike Liebner Music

Welcome to the web site featuring the music of Mike Liebner.

I’ve been creating and writing music for a long time! It’s one of the greatest passions in my life! I’ve compiled some of my songs and am presenting them here for your listening enjoyment. The songs cover a wide spectrum of genres and types of music. I have always enjoyed exploring new sounds and that is evident in the variety of styles contained in my songs.

I hope you enjoy the tunes and welcome your comments and suggestions. The files are all MP3′s and you are welcome to save them to your computer and share them with other people. If you publish them, simply give me proper credit with a link to www.MikeLiebnerMusic.com

Send me email at mike ^^ at ^^ mike liebner music .com

Enjoy the music! Mike Liebner


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01 – Bicycle Seat

This is a catchy rock tune that borders on novelty. It’s one of my oldest songs and I always thought if it were recorded properly in a big fancy studio instead of the pool cabana we recorded it in, it could hit the charts and take off with a bullet! > MP3 and More info

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02 – Bump and Grind

Techno style electronic instrumental. > MP3 and More info

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03 – Every Time I Think Of You

Merna – I still get weak in the knees every time I think of you. A poppy love song kind of like Depeche Mode Euro Dance feel – but not… listen and you be the judge. > MP3 and More info

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04 – The Secrets in The Sauce

The Secrets in The Sauce… Trippy samples and eerily retro sounding keyboards. Hey – go ahead and listen and enjoy. > MP3 and More info

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05 – Honey Will You Marry Me

Jazz – Rock – Progressive – HEAVY! It’s an instrumental right now – but I do have some great lyrics! I never recorded a version with vocals – but when I listen to this – I HEAR THEM! Same with the guitar – it’s made to be a heavy guitar song. Someday I hope to re-record this so I can add some HEAVY guitar and some vocals. Please go and listen and I hope u enjoy the vibe. > MP3 and More info

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