I don’t understand why Spotify would make an update and take away the feature for rating songs with stars. It’s not completely gone but now you can’t see which songs you have starred. That is a huge flaw.

What happened to the stars

I see people saying the solution is to move the starred songs to to “Songs” but that still does not solve the ability to see which songs are starred when I go looking for new music.

Plus “songs” doesn’t even work for users with lots of starred songs.

STARS need to be a visual part of listings like they used to be. Taking it away hurts the experience.

Also if there is a LIMIT of 10,000 songs – that means many of us won’t be able to move all of our starred songs to the “SONGS” anyways. I have over 50,000 songs starred. So what. It helps me keep the artists I like close to where I can listen to them.

Why would there be a limit on how many songs? It doesn’t take up any more hard drive space for us to LIKE more songs.I don’t get it. All it does is add the song to a list – not copy actual big song files.

I HATE RULES and LIMITS and that is not what I expect from my music player.

Spotiify has let us down big time.

Itunes has no limits and they also have 5 stars for ratings. 1 star was always lame – but now we esentially have NO RATING SYTEM in Spotify.

I am not the only one that is mad.

This is a big blow to Spotify power users.